The amount of time people spend using apps has increased by 21% since last year, according to a 2015 report by Localytics1. Adults in the United States alone use apps for almost three hours a day on a mobile device. Time spent on the web via mobile apps is now greater than time on desktop computers, which is no surprise since Search Engine Journal reported that 85% of people prefer native mobile apps to websites2.
What is a mobile app?
A mobile app is an application that is downloaded on to a smartphone, typically from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. They provide fast performance and a high degree of reliability. They also have access to a phone's various devices, such as its camera and address book. In addition, users can use some apps without an Internet connection.
Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites
The main difference between mobile apps and mobile websites is that the app is a self-containing unit that uses the hardware of the smartphone to work. It’s able to pull data from contact lists, operate photo options, use touch-screen technology, and integrate with calendar functions.

A mobile website needs a web browser to function; it’s not a standalone like the app. You have to search for what you are looking for, it doesn’t take advantage of the Smartphone hardware and it’s more work for the user.

You also never have to look for an app; it’s always on the phone. Users are reluctant to save a website bookmark to the home screen of their phone, while downloading an app is a commitment to using it.

Dentists who embrace this technology will be offering superior patient care rolled up into a multi-level marketing tool for the office. It’s a win-win for everyone. No one in the office needs to be constantly “working it”, our one-touch systems allow referrals to happen effortlessly, testimonial collection to happen faster, patients get better care, and scheduling is more efficient.

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