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Dental Anywhere, Inc. was born out of our desire to see dentists and patients embrace the benefits from their mobile devices.

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How Does Dental Anywhere Work?

Easy to use and easy to benefit.

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Dental Anywhere’s Latest Features:

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Rewards Program

Reward patients, retain patients. The new Dental Anywhere Rewards Progam lets you set up your own point and prize system within the app. Incentivize any activities that can be done in the office or through the app. Keeping your patients engaged will keep them coming back happy.


All of the standard Dental Anywhere Mobile App features are available in both English and Spanish to cater to your diverse patient base. A bilingual option is also available so that users can toggle between languages within the same app.

Is there a language you’d like to see Dental Anywhere cater to? Contact us to talk about custom app possibilities.


Do you want to give more incentives for patient visits? With our updated Specials module, patients no longer need to search for your special offers. Alerts will come to your patients smartphone, making sure your patients are always in the know and reminded of your practice!

One-Touch Referrals

You know what a hassle it is for patients to refer you: getting their friend’s number or email address, writing it down, going home, opening up a computer, finding your website, and then sending all the information to their friend. Is it really a wonder that you’re not getting referrals?

With your Dental Anywhere Mobile App, your patients can refer you in one touch! They simply find their contact and submit. All of your information is sent to their friend as an email and text message. Dental Anywhere makes it easy.

Social Media Integration

Amongst the millions of social media profiles out there, searching for exactly what you’re looking for can be a hassle! Direct patients to all of your profiles in one spot, effortlessly. Patients can share their dental experience on your social media pages with a few touches of their screen.

Mobile Bill Pay

Busy patients have a lot to worry about already, like setting aside time to come into the office – paying their bill shouldn’t be one of them! Patients can send their payments via your mobile app to be deposited into your account immediately. Even the busiest patients will appreciate this feature; they can do it from anywhere!

New Patient Forms (Go Green)

New patients are exciting, but the paperwork isn’t! Get new patients in faster by letting them fill out their paperwork ahead of time, all straight from your app. No longer will you have to wait on them to get through questionnaires. Cut back on office supply costs and filing time with this feature.

Easy Appointment Request

Trying to find an appointment time with a busy patient can be frustrating, impossible even! With your app, patients can select days and times they are available, and you just have to confirm the appointment slot. Save time and decrease no-shows by allowing patients the freedom of requesting the appointment slot that’s best for them.

Your Logo and Pictures

Your app is all about you connecting with your patients. Match your app with your practice atmosphere by adding your logo art and office pictures. Patients will feel like they have your whole practice in their pocket, and in turn will feel taken care of.

who we help

Who We Help

No office is too big or too small to benefit from a
mobile app from Dental Anywhere.

  • general-dentistry

    Dental Anywhere Mobile Apps provide the tools to offer service and care like never before.

  • general-dentistry

    Fielding incoming calls for broken brackets and poking wires will no longer be time intensive.

  • general-dentistry
    oral surgery

    Surgery and anxiety go hand in hand, just as mobile technology and peace-of-mind do.

  • general-dentistry
    pediatric dentistry

    Parents feel safer knowing that their child is in the hands of a caring dentist.

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