By Popular Demand
Aug, 10 2018 dentaladmin

By Popular Demand

Dental Anywhere’s dental rewards program is a great way to show patients how much you appreciate their loyalty. The patient motivation is two-fold, not only do patients reap the benefit of a healthier mouth from routine visits, but they also feel their financial investment in their oral health gets them a little something extra with a rewards program. Not to mention it’s really fun for everyone. Patients love counting down to the prize of their choice with every passing appointment. Prizes offered by each dental office are different but we’ve identified the top five most popular items to offer.

Treatment courtesies: This reward otherwise known as a discount is both easy for your office and highly motivating for your patients. A discount is not something you need to keep in stock or that results in extra costs for your office as you maintain inventory. It incentivizes patients to do exactly what you hope they’ll do, which is book their next appointment. Everyone likes to feel they are getting a special price on an appointment they need anyway.

Teeth whitening session or kit: Most patients would love to give teeth whitening a try, but they often view it as a luxury. Thus, this reward feels like a real treat for patients who’ve been apprehensive about the spending money on themselves. These patients now have an opportunity to do something just for them just by keeping up with their dental visits and earning points.

iPad: This enduringly popular piece of technology is an exciting reward to offer as part of your program. A big goal such as this is great for patients with huge treatment plans or just keeps patients coming back over a longer period of time. It is a wonderful way to engage patients in the rewards program and keep everyone motivated for earning the big prize.

Gift card: As a low-level, easy-to-earn reward, gift cards such as Starbucks, Target, In-N-Out or Menchies are the way to go. You can give your patients a treat with as little as five dollars. You can also offer different amounts to create tiers in your reward program for patients who prefer quicker gratification or for those who want to save up points for a larger reward. Or for a great instant reward (such as a first-time incentive for creating an account in your rewards program), this is a great way to give immediate positive feedback that will get and keep your patients participating in your program.

Movie tickets: This reward appeals to everyone from teen orthodontic patients and budget-minded moms to young singles on their own and retirees. Movie tickets are always a win. What a great excuse for patients to do something fun as a benefit of coming to your dental office. It’s these unique experiences with your dental office that give patients an opportunity to talk to others about how awesome their dental office is.

Our team at Dental Anywhere can help you figure out what set of rewards will work best for your practice, and how to set your points scale to make your program as effective as possible. Contact us today for more information on how a rewards program can boost your practice.