How to Sell More Dentistry without the Aggressive Sales Pitch
Aug, 10 2018 dentaladmin

How to Sell More Dentistry without the Aggressive Sales Pitch

Recently, the Dental Anywhere Research Team audited 100 of the “Most Reviewed” Southern California dental offices listed on Yelp to discover the top reasons patients left negative reviews. Within those ratings, Dental Anywhere found 10 major dental office faux pas that propelled patients to write a poor review, and most likely leave that dental office. Number 8 on that list of complaints is “Aggressive Sales Tactics”.

By using Dental Anywhere’s Top Ten Reasons for Bad Dental Reviews According to Yelp, practitioners can make positive changes that will impact how the office is being seen based off this true patient feedback. This data will not only help eliminate issues that could give a practice a bad name in the social media space but also help examine how office systems can be improved.

Having efficient office systems and great communication is the best way to combat bad dental reviews. Dental Anywhere Mobile Apps has made this the core focus for its products. The implementation of such a tool can help practices bypass a lot of the frustration had by both patient and office. NUMBER 8 on Dental Anywhere’s list according to Yelp, the “Aggressive Sales Tactics” is easily circumnavigated with the app by being able to communicate sales suggestions without offending patients.

The “Aggressive Sales Tactic” is being perceived by patients as “up-selling” for products/services as well as a bombardment of emails or sales calls. While the intention may be to inform and share in as many ways as possible (text, email, phone, and in person), this type of communication is being regarded as overwhelming and unnecessary. Having the dental office actualized as a business by these emails and sales pitches is blurring the lines between health and profit which seems to be meeting a lot of resistance. Patients are no longer feeling you have their best interest in mind, but rather your own according to the offices polled for this research.

Now, we all know it’s very important to keep patients connected to the office and updated on new products and services. Sending out appointment reminders and other messages are crucial, but if the information isn’t medically necessary or the emails aren’t personalized to that recipient about their treatment, this information can be regarded as self serving. Because this is a Top Ten complaint, it may be time to re-evaluate how messages are communicated. The question is, how to do keep patients connected and informed without them feeling bombarded or solicited to? How do you increase sales without it being perceived as “up-selling” or resulting in a nasty online review?

Naturally Dental Anywhere’s answer is incorporating a true mobile app into the practice. Apps are essentially digital vehicles of information that lay available on the Smartphone waiting to be opened.

Having a mobile app that is VOLUNTARILY downloaded from the app stores by the patient is the best way to get your information seen. Patients have electively added this to their Smarphone or Ipad and are giving you implicit permission to share your messages.  With this permission, sharing information about Promotions, News, Specials, Treatment Enhancements and more is welcome and appreciated, not ignored or seen as an “Aggressive Sales Tactic”.

While there are many mobile app developers available, Dental Anywhere, Inc. has positioned its true mobile app products to harmonize both the medical and sales side of dentistry. Their apps are patient-centric, not necessarily practice-centric like practice software such as Lighthouse 360, EagleSoft or Dentrix but both together cover all the bases. Modules in Dental Anywhere’s apps include everything from a Dental Emergency Care and Appointment Making to Specials and Insurance Tips. Everything you want the patients to know is always available to them in the app and can be referenced when interested, no internet connection needed. There is no email to receive and open or phone call to answer. This subtle approach to business and care is extremely effective for both the patient and practice. No one can write a poor Yelp review on that.

The next time you want to email, text and phone blast about an office promotion or a bleaching special, be mindful about how that message is coming across. Being viewed as having “Aggressive Sales Tactics” isn’t a compliment for dental offices, according to reviewers. Avoid this new patient (and business) killer by doing something different.