Make Your Ortho Office Fun
Aug, 10 2018 dentaladmin

Make Your Ortho Office Fun

Orthodontists can change lives with their work, but when a patient comes in for a tightening, they do not always classify the visit as “fun”. Although you may not get to the level of Disneyland, you can definitely improve the experience for your patients and make each visit more a bit more fun! Here are a few ideas to lighten the mood of your office and have more engagement with your patients.

1. Make scheduling easy

Your patients should have a pleasant experience from the very beginning of their interaction with your office. This starts with the scheduling of their appointments. With a mobile app from Dental Anywhere, scheduling is easy and stress is eliminated from the equation. When a patient is worried about finding an appointment, this sets the mood for the rest of their day. On the other hand, if the process is easy, your patient will come into the office with a more positive attitude.

2. Add some beats

While you can’t get rid of the waiting room, you can remove the waiting room feeling. Change up the music to a style that appeals to a wider audience. By the way, this suggestion isn’t limited to the waiting room. You can have more upbeat music playing in the dental operatories too. (Unless it’s easier for you to practice when patients fall asleep) Check out Pandora or Spotify for some great playlists based on artists, genres, or even moods!

3. Make the holidays count

Many offices opt for a dull white décor, but the color of your office doesn’t have to be inspired by the teeth of your best patient. If painting the office is a bit too daunting, start by hanging a few paintings or by bringing in a few plants. This can go a long way in changing the atmosphere of your office. And don’t forget to decorate for the holidays! Even the smallest decorations can add some fun and festivity.

4. Hold a contest

A great way to add some fun to your office is by hosting contests with your patients. Use social media to host a selfie contest. Contestants can use hashtags or tag you in their posts to show you their great smiles. The winner could be the one with the biggest smile or the most adventurous location. This is fun and engaging for the patients, and it can also boost your social media presence. This could be a great opportunity to get some free marketing!

5. Who doesn’t want a prize?

Most family dentists have a toy box for children that do a good job of brushing their teeth or convincing you that they floss. In an ortho office, the older kids and adults may not find this as appealing as they once did. This is where an updated loyalty program comes in. Give rewards for regularly scheduling appointments, keeping up with their oral hygiene, or referring a friend. Keeping up with reward points and prizes is made simple with Dental Anywhere mobile apps. You can choose how patients earn points and what prizes they receive when they redeem their points. This is a great way to keep your patients engaged and coming back to your office.

Email us at to share how these ideas changed the atmosphere of your practice, or if you have any other ways to liven up an ortho office. For more information on how a Dental Anywhere mobile app can help your office, visit