Keep Your Patients Relaxed

The Oral Surgeon App

Surgery and anxiety go hand-in-hand, just as mobile technology and peace-of-mind do.

Put your patients at ease by giving them a tool to access useful information at their time of need. Losing operative instructions is a thing of the past with a mobile app from Dental Anywhere. Patients will no longer suffer physically or mentally.

Now introducing Facebook Ignite

Go directly for new patients. Start getting more implant cases and wisdom teeth removal by igniting your patients’ Facebook profile with your practice. Patients posting comments and praise on the office Facebook page are good, but having patients post to their Facebook page is even better. Connect with a whole new network of possible patients. Let your patients share their dental experience with their friends by supplying them with pre-set comments about your practice. Ask us more about this signature Dental Anywhere business builder.

What else can you do with a Dental Anywhere App?

  • Prescription Refill
  • Media Center
  • News
  • Social Media
  • Surveys
  • Photo Consults
  • Referral Tracking
  • Pre/Post Op Notes
  • Appointment Request
  • Patient Forms
  • Emergency SMS & Photo
  • Map to Office

Call (866) 767-4582 today to find out how Dental Anywhere, Inc. can create the perfect app for your practice’s needs.

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