See Your Practice Grow in Real Time
Aug, 10 2018 dentaladmin

See Your Practice Grow in Real Time

Introducing DDS App Trac

Have you ever wondered: how many people are actually using my app? It’s a question that allows you gauge patient adoption of the technology, and your team’s work behind promoting it. While there have been ways to measure success of an office’s app before, it’s never been easier, and more exciting, than with the latest upgrades to Dental Anywhere Mobile Apps.

With the introduction of the DDS App Trac feature, you can now monitor downloads and app usage from the convenience of your own mobile device. The user-friendly interface allows for clearly defined progress and tracking of user engagement.

Metrics offered on DDS App Trac include: Today’s Downloads, Total Downloads (since July 2015), Total App Opens (Since July 2015), and a progress bar to track your first 200 downloads after upgrade. Once you hit the benchmark, you’ll earn one free month of service!

With DDS App Trac, you can also see how your office measures up to others who are using our apps. The Leaderboard shows your performance ranked against other offices in our network by comparing how many people have used the app in the past 7 days. For a quick view of our current top ten Dental Anywhere offices, check out the leaderboard on our website here.

Let’s make your practice grow together with this exciting new tool that assists in monitoring your success and track your return on investment. To upgrade your app for DDS App Trac compatibility, email us today.