Take Referrals to a New Level
Aug, 10 2018 dentaladmin

Take Referrals to a New Level

There is no denying that over the past ten years, communication has changed drastically. For example, according to a study by the PewResearch Internet Project, over one third of American adults preferred text messages to phone calls in 2011! This type of technology is only expanding year by year, and you can bet it is affecting the way your practice’s referrals are being distributed.

Despite the many online avenues to finding a new dentist, direct referrals still have a place in dental marketing. However, instead of happening over a cup of coffee, it is more likely to happen through a digital medium like text messaging or email. Dental Anywhere Mobile Apps is putting a whole new spin on referrals to make each and every one valuable to your office.

Each of our apps comes with the Refer My Dentist module, a feature that lets the user send all of your information to any person in their phone’s contact list. Once the referral is sent to their friend, the office will receive an email with the following information:

  • Who referred the office
  • Who they referred the office to
  • Both parties’ phone numbers

With this information, you have gained a new lead to act on during your next marketing campaign, as well as knowing who to thank when you gain a new patient out of it!

One of the most practical benefits to this type of referral in comparison to one spoken face to face is that all of your information is in writing. No more, “Who did she say her dentist was? Hmm… this maybe sounds about right…” The potential patient will be able to view all of your current information with a few scrolls.

Drive more referrals by holding contests, or creating rewards programs for people who send your information to their friends. With our notification feature, you will be able to track who came from where when you gain a new patient, and reward the source accordingly. Some examples might be to offer 20% off a teeth whitening in exchange for 10 referrals; perhaps something extra if the referral converts into a new patient.

While word-of-mouth marketing shouldn’t be the only exposure you rely on, the only way to know if it is actually beneficial to your practice is having a way to track it, which Dental Anywhere provides. Don’t just hope it is working—know it’s working.