Tips on How to Integrate Your App and Get Patients Excited!
Aug, 10 2018 dentaladmin

Tips on How to Integrate Your App and Get Patients Excited!

So you’ve collaborated with us and we’ve built your mobile app. It’s about to launch… so now what? Here are eight easy steps to help get your app off the ground, increase downloads, and get the most return for your office.

1. Get your patients excited about the app before it launches. You don’t often see movies without having seen the trailer first, right? Let your patients know that your app is coming soon when they come in for an appointment. Talk about it and post about it on your website/social media outlets.

2. Educate your staff about the app. Make sure your front office gets familiar with your app and is able to help patients with downloads and features. The more patients that use the app, the easier the daily tasks for the staff will be. You can even implement an incentive program or create a contest with your team offering prizes to staff who get patients to download the app while in the office.

3. Take advantage of table tents. We can provide up to 10 free table tent prints to help advertise your new app around the office- take advantage of them! One tip is placing them in the windows to clue prospective patients that you take a high-tech approach to dentistry and patient care. Passively advertise the app without saying a word by posting these images around the office.

4. Incorporate QR Codes. QR codes are funky square images that patients can scan with their phones to be taken straight to the download screen of your app. We incorporate them in your table tents, but you should also add them to any kind of marketing tools you already have! Business cards, website, post cards, and direct mail are all great places to add your QR code to increase app downloads.

5. Send a simple newsletter. Drop a line to your patients about the newly available app once it launches! This way, patients who don’t visit you regularly will also be informed, and will most likely book an appointment once they download the app!

6. Stay on top of emails. One of the most convenient ways for patients to contact you will be through the app—but only if your office is diligent about responding! Make checking and responding to email a top priority in the office so that mobile patients will feel taken care of, and be reassured of the value of your app.

7. Set your goals. Why did you come to Dental Anywhere in the first place? What did you want to accomplish with your new mobile app? Focus on what you want to achieve most with your app, and market accordingly.

8. Give and Receive feedback. Ask your patients what is or is not working for them in the app. Keep in touch with us here at Dental Anywhere and let us know what they’re saying! We’re happy to help in any way we can.