Treating Immunocompromised Patients in Nonemergency Situations During COVID-19
Sep, 14 2020 dentaladmin

Treating Immunocompromised Patients in Nonemergency Situations During COVID-19

Before the advent of COVID-19, immunocompromised patients may have been some of the most faithful visitors to your practice. After all, oral health is tied closely to overall health, and dental problems such as gum infections can lead to systemic problems even in otherwise healthy patients. It is critical for those whose own immune systems can’t fight off pathogens to avoid having problems start in the first place. Timely preventative care and close attention to concerning symptoms can be key to maintaining such patients’ good health.

However, these same patients may be avoiding your office during the pandemic, for fear of contracting COVID. Dentists themselves do not want to bring patients in unnecessarily, as every visit entails large amounts of personal protective equipment that must be changed and extensive sanitation procedures, which greatly reduce but cannot fully eliminate the chance of viral transmission. On the other hand, you don’t want a patient to ignore a symptom they might have contacted you for before and then suffer needless complications, just because they’re afraid of an office visit.

Technology can help you stay in touch with these vulnerable patients. Dental Anywhere’s dental emergency feature gives your patient a tool to contact your office with specific information about any problems they’re experiencing, including which teeth it is affecting, the type of problem, and the level of pain they’re experiencing. They can even upload a picture to show you what’s going on. Once they’ve entered all the details, a message is sent directly to your practice so that you can assess the situation and reach out to the patient. The patient can also be given information on appropriate at-home first aid to help them in the meantime.

Having the option to reach out with detailed information via Dental Anywhere can help your patients feel comfortable in contacting you with questions that they’re not sure need an immediate phone call. It also gives you the means to assess the problem and decide on next steps before scheduling an in-person appointment, whether that means writing a prescription, giving an individually tailored plan for at-home treatment, or setting up a video call to get more information and take a closer look. Thus you can both feel confident that you’ll only be bringing them in to the office when it is absolutely necessary, without compromising the quality of their dental care.

COVID-19 has forced dental practices all over the country to reassess how they deliver care safely and effectively. Dental Anywhere gives you the means to put your practice at your patients’ fingertips via their mobile device, so you can stay in contact and stay on top of their needs. This can help keep your high-risk patients in good oral health while keeping their in-person visits to the necessary minimum. To find out more about how Dental Anywhere can support your practice, contact us today at