Using a Rewards Program for Dental Offices
Aug, 10 2018 dentaladmin

Using a Rewards Program for Dental Offices

We are currently operating in a very consumer-centric world; people want to know: what’s in it for them? Your average patient may not think of their oral hygiene as a pressing priority. Maybe they’re on time with their hygiene appointments, but if not, it’s not the end of the world for them. What if you had the ability to make patients proactive in keeping up with the office?

At Dental Anywhere, we’ve created a solution to incentivize patients’ interaction with the office, as well as retain their business. The new Dental Anywhere Rewards Program gives your office the power to reward patients for their loyalty. Think of it as a virtual punch card: set each visit to be worth a certain amount of points, and when they reach a threshold, they can redeem prizes!

Of course, you’re not limited to just rewarding patients for returning to your office. You can also reward them for other behaviors, like checking in early, referring your office through the app, having zero cavities, and more! This can be especially effective in pediatric offices to get children to keep up with their home care, whether it be flossing or keeping retainers in place.


Prizes are completely up to you. Gift cards, games, electronics, spa day certificates or movie tickets are all great motivations to interact with the office. Who wouldn’t want to be rewarded for doing something they should be doing anyway? Our team can help you decide what appropriate prizes are, and how to responsibly “price” them by giving a certain value to each reward point. Patients will be able to keep track of their progress via the Dental Anywhere app. They can also click in to each prize to see how many more points they need to redeem it.

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If you already have a rewards program in place, transferring over to the Dental Anywhere Rewards Program can consolidate cost and keep everything in one convenient, mobile location. Patients won’t have to worry about remembering passwords, or forgetting point values because they will literally be carrying the program with them everywhere.

Aside from the tangible prizes your patients can earn by participating, a rewards program will make them feel appreciated. You care about them enough to gift them exciting prizes and make their visit worth their while (aside from a healthy mouth, of course).

If you’re ready to gamify your practice and make going to the dentist a treat, contact us about starting on the Dental Anywhere Rewards Program for your dental office today.